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Our Garage Doors add beauty and flexibility to your home's design.

Americana Series

Hinges, Locks and Decorative Escutcheons

16" Length 2" Wide, 4M3171216

18" Length 2 1/8" Wide, 4M3171218

24" Length 3" Wide, 4M3171224

30" Length 3 5/8" Wide, 4M3171230
The staple of the Carriage House Line; Spear End Stamped Steel hinges with an old world crinkle finish; Traditional black, or any of our 6 Elegance Colors.

16" Bean End Hinge 1 3/4" Wide (shown), 4M3171316
24" Bean End Hinge also available, 4M3171324

4" Twisted L Handle, blind mount, w/ 11" x 2" Escutcheon Plate 4M3171151
Keyed version 4M3171150
Non-keyed version 4M3171155

Mounting Hardware

Die Cast Zinc Clavos in 5 sizes, (above); 3/4" Iron Door Studs in 6 colors; Finished Screws

Lift & Pull Handles

8 3/4" Spear End Lift Handle, 4M3171110
Bean End Lift Handle 4M3172120

11 1/4" x 1/58" Spear End Pull Handle 4M3171100
9" x 1 5/8" Bean End Pull Handle 4M3171115
9 5/8" x 1 1/2" Narrow Spear End Pull Handle 4M3171105

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